I need some opinions on something sad and strange that happened to our 12 week old rat terrier yesterday, and I’m curious to know what you think it was, and if he’ll be scarred from it since he’s in that stage of life.

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He had vaccinations, including a new one that had him swell at injection site and hurt. Right when we got home he drank water for the longest I’d ever seen. He never settled in his crate after peeing, and was screaming bloody murder which is NOT like him. Took him out to monitor, and he kept signaling to go outside like every 5-10 minutes, and would actually pee each time. He kept whining more and more, so I snuggled a bit in bed with him. He finally fell asleep, and I realized he peed AGAIN while sleeping and never moved, which is very odd. Then he peed lying down a second time on a rug and never got up and moved away from it, and a third on the way back to the vet. This whole time it seemed like almost every exhale was a whine. He then peed 4-5 times immediately on vet exam table. They wanted to keep him and monitor. It was terrifying, because I was freaking out his kidneys were failing or something. Vet gave a puppy NSAID, and he finally stopped peeing himself after 2 hours of doing who knows what at the vet. They theorized it was just his very dramatic stress response and engulfed water, but never seen it before. I can’t find any similar stories to this either. Today he’s acting much better and normal, but seems to be like it’s day 1 with his crate, and he couldn’t be bothered to listen anymore for training, just spazzes out and bites. What do you all think it could have been? Will this be traumatic, and is there any advice to help prevent it? Today I acted like nothing happened and business as usual, but he just still seems “off”. I’m very concerned about it all 😢

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