I just wish there was a single guideline backed by vets and professional trainers I could use!!!

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Here`s another great article:

Just a little rant—I just got this text from the vet’s office regarding my choice of puppy food (Taste of the Wild High Prairie Puppy Recipe):

“I looked at the foods you are feeding/going to feed Dooly. The Taste of the Wild puppy food is grain free and I just wanted to inform you that there have been studies linking grain free food to heart disease. Also, with buffalo being the main ingredient there are links between four legged ruminants and allergies. However, with that being said, the doctor will give you some food recommendations tomorrow if you did want to consider other food.”

I’m just frustrated that after HOURS of research on what puppy food I should get, and finding overwhelming sites recommending grain free food and Taste of the Wild, that THIS happens.

Oh how I wish there was a playbook I can just follow step-by-step. I have so many questions and doubts every single day. How did anyone end up raising a puppy without crying every other day from being overwhelmed, stressed, and sleep-deprived?!

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