I have two beagles and one is sometimes afraid of the other

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Hi, I have two beagle girls, one is bought (the first one) and the other one was found on the street 9 months after I bought the first one. The first one had always been very stubborn and hard to train (and I was a stupid 16 year old who knew little about dog training), and still doesn't obey completely (would still find a sock to chew or something from the thrash can, doesn't come when I call her and plays chase instead). She is lovable, she loves to be petted from random people and didn't show much aggression at all, she wants to play with anyone. The only sign of aggression that she had shown (before the stray one arrived) was being possessive about food, so we just avoided situations with other dogs and food involved. When the stray arrived, we didn't have any problems, she was happy and welcomed her and it was all great. As I said, food aggression, but we just don't feed them next to each other and that's fine.

The stray dog is a very scared dog, especially when she arrived, which was natural. But I noticed that there are certain places that she is so scared of going near, like beneath the balconies of the buildings. We don't know how old she is, she has white hairs on her face now (it's been a bit over 2 years that she's been with us) but has the energy of a puppy and adores playing with puppies.

So, to the problem. The first one traumatized the stray by biting her cause of some accidental situations that involved food. That happened few times over past year, but didn't happen recently. Also to mention, they sleep together most of the time (though it's usually the first dog who wants to sleep next to the stray one) and whenever she would attack her, a minute after she would lick her fur and try to get as close as possible. They also play together a lot, and it's usually a stray one that initiates that and is a lot more playful and has more energy than the first one. During play they growl but it is playful, and they don't injure each other, it's typical dog play. I can also pet the stray normally without the other one getting jealous, even if she wants attention, she would just sit close to as and lay on her back.

Also to mention, both dogs are kinda scared of the bigger dogs. They love to play with them, but are still scared sometimes. For example, what they both do is approach the bigger dog, and when the big dog (I know most of those dogs and most of them are sweethearts, wouldn't hurt anyone) starts sniffing them, they would whine so loudly like the big dog had bitten them, which they hadn't because I'd always look, and I know those dogs. Sometimes they do that, sometimes they don't.

Around four days ago, I was ready to take them out for a walk and I put the leash on them (as I always do) and suddenly the first dog attacked the stray. We live in a flat on the last floor, and they don't have the problem with stairs, but the stray has always been a bit scared few meters after leaving the door, and would usually push towards the door to go home. I called her gently and I don't know whether the other dog got annoyed by that specific time or what, but she attacked her. It sounded terrible, and especially the fact that I couldn't do anything to stop it was even worse. The stray one whined like they both do with big dogs. It lasted about 10 seconds, and after they stopped, the stray didn't want to go out. She didn't have any injuries. That's when we noticed that the first dog doesn't leave any injuries or hurts her at all, but it's still terrifying for the stray. When we were back, it was like nothing happened, the stray was still scared but after some time they were normal again.

The stray became scared to go out with the first one. The first one would go to the door normally, and whenever I put a leash on a stray, she gets so scared and the other one wants to attack her when she gets scared. I managed to get them out for a walk together, but a stray was pulling so hard on the leash to not get close to the first dog. The first dog didn't pay attention to her, but when she got closer to her the stray one got so scared and the first one wanted to attack again. Few hours after a walk dogs played normally like they always do, slept in the same bed etc.

Two days after that, it became better, but not good. I called them to go out, they both came normally, but when I put the leash the stray got scared and the first one didn't really get aggressive, but she growled at her. I managed to get them both out again, it was normal, they were both wagging tails and generally didn't have any problems after two days. It got better generally and the other one didn't get as scared, but still she is a little. Last night when it was time for walk they were both at the door normally, with a leash, I think that one accidentally bumped into the other, and even though nothing happened the stray went up the stairs (we have a two floor flat). I let the first one to go to her (I knew she wouldn't harm her there) and she went up the stairs, growled a little and nudged the stray down the stairs, she was still a little scared, but after a minute everything was normal. Similar thing happened this morning, stray was happy, when I took the leash out she went under the stairs (we have a small space under where their dog bed is) and the first dog got annoyed, got in with her and growled for a second, didn't do anything to her, just wanted her to get out. When I got her out, she was licking the stray's fur normally, and we normally went out. So in the last two days, it got better but the stray one is still traumatized when putting the leash on, and the other one is annoyed because the stray one doesn't want to go out, I guess.

Also, it doesn't happen anymore because they don't eat in the same place, but if the first one finished the food before the stray, she would push the stray one and eat her food, and the stray would just get out of the way.

They behave normally outside of that, but I still don't want my stray girl to feel so scared. She is the sweetest dog ever, and didn't need much training. I don't want her life to get shorter because of the other dog.

Also I wanted to say, I am now 19, and dogs and dog training is my responsibility. They get enough exercise (though they love to sleep a lot, I am the one to drag them out of the bed in the morning). I live with my mom and brother who is a lot younger, but they don't train them or take them out for walks. Mom mostly cleans after them and stuff, when she has more time she takes them out, but mostly it is my responsibility. They also both listen to me more than her, cause she is usually the one who cuddles with them and just enjoy their company at home while I am bit stricter. I also read about dog psychology and I understand some of their behavior, but most of those really confuse me. I know it's really important to adjust your energy around dogs, so I always try to stay calm and most of the time, I am. I considered a dog behaviorist, but I wanted to know what other dog owners think. Thank you in advance.

TL;DR: My two dogs sometimes get along very well and sometimes the one is aggressive

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