I had a scary day with my pup

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Today is only day 4 of being a puppy parent again and I've got to say it was a pretty bad one.

So my little guy is 12 Weeks old and the first day I brought him home (Monday) he held in his poop all day, but continued to eat so I assumed that everything was okay and that he was just anxious.

Fast forward to Tuesday morning and he goes a little poo after Breakfast and then a bigger poo after lunch. The one after lunch had a little bit of blood following it so I started to get a little concerned that maybe he was constipated.

Wednesday was mostly fine but he wouldn't really settle, and whined when he went #2 as if he had a bit of discomfort. I also noticed his anus looked pretty angry and red. I told myself and him if it didn't get better we'd have to call the vet.

This morning I took him outside and he whined a little while going, then had a little bit of blood again but it didn't seem much worse. Later in the morning I decided he needed a bath and so I'm giving him one and he anxiously poops in the tub, and his bottom looked pretty bad. I could see some of the inner pink of his rectum and worried that he was going to prolapse so I get him out and dry him off and decide he probably wasn't done so I take him outside and he poops A LOT while crying and straining and there's a little bit of blood and again I can kind of see his inner pink bits so I call the vet immediately at this point.

I ended up taking him to an "emergency appointment" thinking they were gonna tell me my dog had prolapsed and he would need surgery and all kinds of things to repair his bottom. When I got to the vet, his anus still looked angry but not as frightening as it had when we were outside and he actually seemed much calmer despite my frantic rush to get him to the vet.

Anyway, vet comes in and we are discussing feeding habits, where we are on switching his food, and how many times he is going.

Well the breeder had been free feeding him from a bowl she put down 3x a day. She was feeding him a half cup each time and taking up whatever he didn't eat. I thought that was probably too much food but I didn't want to risk underfeeding him so I did what she told me. Now, my Pup has been going 2x per day, but with meals 3x per day. I should have put two and two together, but he was being over fed, and unfortunately I kept doing it thinking I'd just listen to what she recommended.

The vet did an xray of his belly and we found out he was FILLED TO THE BRIM with poo. They also ran a fecal exam and found he had some parasites.

They sent me home with 4 meds for my pup in the end and a $300 vet bill. His meds are:

Metronidazole – for his parasites (I'm gonna start him on this one in the morning because when I saw the xray, his tummy was really full and the vet said he needs to eat with that med and I doubt he would right now honestly).

Steroid Cream – for his booty. It was really irritated and I'm just trying to make the swelling go down a bit so he doesn't have so much pain when he goes.

Miralax – you already probably know, it's to soften his poo. The kibble moistening I had been doing wasn't doing the trick so the vet had me pick up some powder and I mixed a little with water and gave it to him in a syringe (vet said to sprinkle it on food, but he doesn't seem very interested in that right now so I just did it "human style" and he didn't get the FULL dose just in case).

Laculose – draws some water into the bowels so he can go more effectively. He told me to give that as soon as I got home and so I did. Apparently it takes 48 hours to work efficiently so there's that.

I was so scared for him I started crying in front of the tech taking his weight. I haven't slept more than three hours in 2 days because I worry about him so much. My SO is on a business trip and hasn't even met the Pup so it's just me and him until he's home. I really think just need some reassurance that I'm doing the right thing honestly.

OH and in the morning I'm gonna do 100% his old food until I'm sure he's better. I had started mixing in a little of his new stuff and the vet and I both agreed I should wait until he is done having this issue. The vet also recommended dropping him down to 3/8c twice per day which I agree with wholeheartedly.

On his most recent walk he dropped like 8 long poo nuggets and strained for a minute till I picked him up. He stopped then so I came inside, wiped up the mess on his sore little butt, and added some steroid cream. We then played tug for a solid 20 minutes and now I have him napping in his crate to recover. I just want my little boy to be okay. I love him so much already and I hate seeing him in pain.

Thank you for reading this if you made it to this point. It has been a very stressful day for our household. I just needed to share. Not sure if this qualifies as a vent/support/or puppy blues flair.

Anyway, I'm one tired dog parent and I am also very glad I took him to the vet today instead of waiting for a "regular" appointment tomorrow. Better safe than sorry I think..

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