i feel like my family is training my dog completely wrong

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i got a puppy a few days ago and this is the youngest puppy we’ve ever adopted. he’s 8 weeks. i feel like i wanna train him in a completely different way from my family, they have the idea if we yell at him he’ll learn over time, which i wanna correct the behaviors he has first hand and now.

some of the behaviors he has are playing in his water, biting at our clothes, chewing up his wee pad, chasing my cat, and teething on things he shouldn’t. i keep trying to tell them that he won’t fully learn what’s right and what’s wrong if we just yell at him but they won’t listen. when he’s playing in his water bowl they say “just let him” but eventually i think it will become a habit he also drinks in my cats water bowl and they say the same exact thing. and earlier today my mom yelled at him really loudly for making a mess and his water bowl and he stopped very momentarily and they thought it worked but he just continued to do the behaviors minutes later. what can i do? they just yell “stop” and “no” at him without trying to actually correct the behavior it’s self. any help or advice would be appreciated. this is really starting to stress me out and i think i have the puppy blues because of this.

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