I didn’t know it would be this hard!

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We've had our 4.5 month old puppy for 6 weeks and I just don't know if we're the right parents for her. She's an adorable pittie girl and she's too smart for her own good. How do I know if she'll someday be a well behaved dog that loves us and our home? Or if this really isn't the right fit?

On paper, I knew how much work it would be to get a puppy. I have a fair amount of dog experience. But I didn't realize I would dread her waking hours so much. She isn't good at walking on a leash yet so she gets one 20 minute walk per day (literally one block takes her 20 minutes and doesn't even feel like exercise because she's so scatterbrained) she's getting better so we will pick up on this. We have a big fenced in yard and we try to play with her but all she wants to do is dig in the dirt and eat clumps of grass and rocks. Then when I try to make her stop she runs and bites my legs and the hand holding her leash. She plays nicely with us for like 3 minutes then wants nothing to do with us. We want to get her energy out but she doesn't want to follow structured exercise no matter how fun we try to make it with good treats etc.

When we're inside she just seems like she's always looking for something. Even when her needs are met. I'll try to play with toys and she just looks at me and walks away to try to find something better (like a shoe, the rug,..). She sometimes takes chews like a bully stick for a bit but other than that I'm at a loss. What the hell do I do to make her happy and entertained and fulfilled? We use kongs, puzzle feeders, chews, plush toys, etc and she just gives up. So I figure maybe shes finally tired after 60-90 minutes and we try an enforced nap, and she sleeps for like 30 minutes.

What am I doing wrong by her? Will she ever learn to be happy here? I feel like I'm pouring every ounce of myself into her and she's just indifferent. Yes she's excited to see me and she understands commands. But she is so difficult to manage when she's awake that I don't know if I can do this.

Sorry for the vent. What do you think? Does this sound like normal puppy blues? How long will this last and will I ever really like or love her?

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