I can’t sleep with my pup!

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She’s a Great Pyrenees, 3 months old, She been living with us since April 14th. She is actually fully house trained she knocks on the door when she needs to go out I feed her 3 cups a day.

My puppy (Sage) will not sleep! She knows bedtime is at 8:30pm and she follows me to the room gets into my bed and she is passed out, but ever since I’ve had her she wakes up at 2:30am every night and stays awake till 9am takes about 2 hour nap and won’t sleep again it’s bedtime. I’ve tried what I do know, which is putting her in a big open cage and I go to sleep or making them try and go back to sleep. Nothing seems to work and I am very tired all the time. Maybe I shouldn’t let her sleep the two hours? I take her to the park daily! (She basically lives there) yet she doesn’t seem to be wore out.

Anything tips?

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