I can’t be around my puppy because of his bites.

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I'm actually in tears because of this right now.

My brother adopted a samoyed. I met him 1 month ago but he is now 3 months old and the cutest thing that I have ever seen. I love him so so much. I don't live with my parents but I came to live with them for the quarantine and he just made everything so much better for us. He lives in the garden and isn't allowed in the house because of my father.

He is always play biting and sometimes it hurts but we didn't have a big problem about it. He was kind of learning 'stop' so when I yelled him stop he usually stopped or I could distract him away from me. These past days however, he has been biting me and my mom every time we are around him non-stop. I can't get him to stop. I try to distract him into biting other things, I try to throw around his toys but he just comes back to me and starts biting very hard like crazy. I don't know what I can do to stop this. I try to go check up on him at least every hour of the day and maybe at the start he lets me pet him for a while and then starts biting… And every time I have to rush inside the house because I can't get him to stop and I'm in too much pain. I know that you're not supposed to move when they are biting you but it just hurts too much.

I feel so sad because I love him so much but I can't be around him without having to literally escape.

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