I cannot do this anymore

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Hey all

About 2 months ago, I adopted a new pup. He’s adorable, absolutely a cuddle monster and a hellspawn.

I have tried my hardest training him. But he thinks everything is a game. Punishments are games to him. The only way he ever stops or listens is if I yell. I don’t want to yell at him cause I genuinely know it doesn’t do anything but he brings it out of me, he pulls it from the very depths of my soul.

I don’t know what I’m doing wrong. For 2 months I have stuck to a training schedule, I keep interesting treats, 4+ hours of exercise, try speaking softly (another huge game for him), tried positive reinforcement, tried ignoring him. Nothings working.

I’m so lost and stuck on what to do with him. After 2 months training, he thinks sit means lie down, Lie down means jump, come here means run away, and he thinks drop it means to bark and scratch and attack until I give him the item.

I even tried doing training at petsmart and wasted hundreds of dollars because even they can’t get him to calm down and listen properly. He played so rough with the trainer that he drew blood multiple times (another problem he has).

At this point, I don’t even think our relationship can be salvaged since we are constantly fighting with each other. If he was a human, I would have labeled him toxic to my mental health and cut him from my life cause he’s driving me absolutely crazy.

What do I do at this point.

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