I am very scared even tho my puppy is not even home yet

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My golden retriever puppy (we named her latte) will arrive on 17th. I always wanted a dog but I was busy with life. But that wasnt the main reason of not having a dog. My wife is very scared of animals. She loves them but she is just scared. She knows how much I wanted a dog so she let me. I went with a puppy and a golden retriever because I thought it might be easier for her to get used to.

I pretty much watched every video I have to and read a book about golden retrievers. I bought everything already – clicker, chew toys, regular toys etc. Subbed to this sub and now I am afraid that mu puppy might keep biting and scare her and she cant even get close. Is there anything I should do from minute 1 to not have a bad experience? I just want them to get along.

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