I am at my wits end

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My puppy (8 month old Teddy Roosevelt Terrier)…I cannot tell what she understands and does not and I am genuinely at my wits end. For a while she was pissing and pooping in the house (notably on my bed) and I would scream NO at the top of my lungs and bring her outside and reward her. But I got so anxious after a while that I would not let her out of the crate unless I was watching her like a hawk. I’m in art school, so I spend a lot of time drawing in front of the computer, and I want to give her the option to walk around but she just does NOT behave! A few months go by and she’s doing great. No accidents. I open my back door, she goes to the bathroom immediately. I even let her sleep and hang out on the bed again when I’m busy. But last week she pissed on the goddamn bed again!! And so I banned her from the bed again. Today I was using the bathroom and she was in there with me. She ran out of the room and I tried giving her a little trust. But she went in the spare room and used the bathroom on the bed!!! I am more than stressed out and angry and have been trying to be patient but its getting harder and harder. Someone please help me

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