I am at my wits end. Problem case finally started peeing outside, now suddenly stopped again.

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I recently got a puppy. She is about 12-14 weeks old, (Don't know exactly) Phu Quoc ridgeback. We admittedly did not get started on the right foot. Lived in an apartment when we got her but were going to be moving in a week, didn't do anything to potty train her. for that week. Then immediately after the move it was Tet (I live in Vietnam and my Fiancee is Vietnamese) so I left the country for 2 weeks and the puppy went with my Fiancee to her home, but did not receive any real training.

When I returned we started potty training. I used crate training and positive reinforcement only. She did not understand at first. I was spending hours a day with her waiting until she peed, and she would never go, she would wait to come back in before going (I know this was due to our own inaction the first few weeks.) I continued to take her out first thing in the morning and at regular intervals throughout the day. Finally after about a week she went outside in the morning and I gave her praise and treats. Something connected and she started to go pee outside more regularly, always receiving praise and treats. She would not however poop outside.

After multiple days of of not 100%, but high success rate peeing outside, but not pooping, she suddenly stopped without any reason I can tell. She has totally regressed. For the past 3 days, she will hold it when we are out in order to go inside. She will go in her crate before going outside. I've been crating her when she's indoors except for playtime when she is 100% supervised. This has led to her spending most of her day in the crate which I feel is mean, and it's not even leading to success. She has never had a time where she poop outside. I am beyond frustrated. What can I do?

If I've left out any relevant info please let me know and I'll add it asap. Anything to get proper help.

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