Husky puppy potty training issues

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Okay guys. I have a 4 month old husky puppy and she will be the death of me, I swear. She can hold it all night and goes outside to potty successfully every time we go outside. About 90% of the time she goes to the door when she needs to potty, every once in a while she just "forgets" to tell me that she needs to go and pees on the floor. I try very hard not to use physical punishment with her and when I catch her in the act, I give her a stern "no!" Scoop her up and take her outside. When she does go potty successfully outside, I throw a party and

Here's my problem: She's peeing in the kennel. But not all the time. Yesterday, she was alone for 4 hours and never pottied. Today, I took her out potty, put her in the kennel while I showered, and when I was done less than 10 minutes later she had peed in the kennel. I took her outside, cleaned it up, and put her back in the kennel and in less than 5 minutes she had peed again.

She was at the vet on thursday and there are no medical problems.

I don't understand why she's doing it or how to stop it. Please give me ideas!

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