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My teenage dog has been SO overexcited and reactive to dogs and cats on walks. Just 2 days ago he pulled so hard my sandals slipped and I skinned the hell out of my toe (which was half my fault for wearing sandals in the first place but it was so hot!). This morning I put on his harness and broke his expectations for a walk and then suddenly clip on the leash and took him out through the backyard gate. He was so surprised he didn't have time to get overexcited and bark and pull. And then we walked down the street and there was 2(!) cats chilling on the grass. He saw them and started lunging. I pulled him back and got him to sit and redirect his attention to me. We started walking towards the cats again (the cats gave 0 shit this entire time) and he noticed them but ignored them. I'm SO SO proud of that moment.

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