How to teach my chihuahua to defend himself and be socialized

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I have a 6 lbs neutered long hair chihuahua at one years of age. I’ve been taking him to dog parks whenever I can. I feel like he doesn’t really know how to socialize and play with other dogs. All the dogs run up to him and sniff him when we enter. As I walk towards a bench he follows but on his guard. Some dogs will start to mount him or sniff his pee pee and butt which he then sometimes snaps back if they won’t stop. He’ll sit down or run between my legs but the dogs keep coming. I would sometimes have to pick him up because the owners don’t stop their dog. Is there something I’m doing wrong or should be doing?

Also, there are times my dog gets friendly with other dogs and wants to play. So he’ll run after them half way, stop and come back. How can o help him become more social?

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