How to teach dog to balance on hind legs/butt only ("beg")? Can’t lure into position

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Hi all. Been having a specific issue with the command "beg" aka sit on hind legs with paws in air. Hoping some of you have new tips/advice. My pup is a shepherd with long, low body, 60 lbs, decent muscle mass. None of the videos I've watched seem to cover the issue I'm having.

If I put her in sit, and try to "lure" above and slightly behind her head, she just backs up (a command she also knows) and re-sits.

I also have tried Sit – Give 1 Paw – 2 Paws. But again, what happens is she sits, drapes her arms on MY arm, and it's clear she's putting her weight on me. I can't just drop her paws off me in that case, and if I try to "lean" her back by pushing her front paws back, she will either get up and "walk" on her hind legs back, or just drop her paws off me and go back to a regular sit.

Basically I can't get her butt on the ground and her front paws up to get into beg position no matter what lure/guide. Is this a balance issue? Does anyone have advice on foundation/in-between steps I need to get her there? None of the training videos seem to cover this, they all just lure the dog and the dog magically just leans back, lifts their front paws, and balances on their own somehow.

She is very smart, so if she can just do it once or twice, I know I can mark it, cue it, and it will be fine. But I just can't seem to get her into this position even accidentally.

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