How to stop my dog from tearing things up when we leave the house?

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Firs time posting so let me know if anything is unacceptable. I rescued a 1 year old weinraner/ lab mix who is 75lbs and still has so much puppy in him We have no idea what he went through before we got him but he was very weary to have anyone close to his face and still has some bad dreams. He's gotten better with all of this but it seems like when we leave the house or even take a nap in the middle of the day he tears up cardboard boxes, gaming headsets, cigarette packets, anything that might have any sort of smell to it . he even gets into the trash and pulls things out and brings them in the backyard. I know a lot of dogs do this but is there any way to train him to stop? He has destroyed so many things it's starting to cost a good chunk of money and we take him to the park almost everyday and pay him a lot of attention and don't reward his bad behavior but he gets rewarded when we come home and he didn't do anything bad. Is there anything else we can do?

Tdlr: dog chews up expensive things while we are gone, how can we train him not to?

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