How to stop my dog from nipping

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My girlfriend and I just adopted a dog (Dunkin) from the shelter a little over 3 weeks ago. Dunkin is a border collie mix and is about 3.5 years old. He was found as a stray and we aren’t really sure about his past. He’s mostly a great dog and has already become very attached to us. He’s doing great learning basic commands and loves going on walks with us.

His main problem is the nipping. I know nipping is normal behavior in puppies, but he is over 3 years old and we do not want to encourage this behavior. He nips when we’re just cuddling or when we’re petting him. He’ll also jump into bed in the morning and start nipping at our hands, feet, faces, etc. He’s never caused any actual harm and never fully bites down, but I want him to know that constant nipping isn’t okay. We’ve tried having chew toys around when he starts nipping to encourage him to chew the toys instead of our hands, but he usually isn’t interested in these toys. We also try to make sure he’s getting his energy out through multiple walks, trainings, puzzle toys, etc. Does anyone have any tips for this? Feel free to ask any questions/comments. Thanks!

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