How to stop my 2 year old husky to stop having tantrums when she wants to come back inside.

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So this is my fault, but when she was a baby I made the mistake of letting her in when she barks and screams. So now if I don’t come to open the screen door quick enough she has a major tantrum and starts excessively scratching the screen door and starts yelping to the top of her lungs. I tried to just let let her scream it out and just wait for to end to let her in,but she won’t stop. One time she kept barking for 2 hours. I have neighbors so they complain ALOT, idk what to do.

I’m also having these other problems where she gets OVERLY EXCITED, she won’t calm down at all. I took her to a training center for a 4 month program and it didn’t work. Someone pls help.

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