How to stop high energy dog to stop barking? Please help. I won’t get rid of him.

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Lived alone for a while and he was fine And rarely barked for attention. Live with 2 others now and he barks for attention. I don’t want them to ask me to give him up or get me to move. I play with him a lot and goes on a lot of walks. But he always demands to play and for attention lately. Especially in the living rm or if we have guests over. When he barks I tell him ENOUGH. And he looks at me and keeps doing it. The only way I keep him from barking is w treats. I tell him quiet. And make him wait a bit then give it to him if he is quiet. Am i doing the right thing? Please help. Also everytime I leave, even though my roommates are there, he barks and is bad. What do I do? I’m stressed to the max. Should I crate him? I feel like if he knows pple are there he will bark more in crate (he usually barks for 5 min then stops) I cant move bck because of the lease and i can feel annoyance w my rmmates at the dog

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