How to stop dog barking while doing commands?

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So I've been preparing my dog for the Good Citizens Scheme. She's doing really well, but there are two commands that I'm a bit worried about, because while she does technically "behave," she won't stop barking.

She has to stay next to me on a loose lead while I hold a conversation with someone else. She will sit and stay on a loose lead, no problem, but she won't stop barking – it sounds like her "I want attention" bark. The trainer has told me I will fail if I ignore her – I actually have to stop her, but giving her different commands like "Down" "Stand" "Spin" only stop the barking for a second. She also has to sit down, unleashed, while I walk three metres away and stay there for one minute. Again, she is fine with the sitting and staying, but she won't stop barking at me while she does it. I'll actually pass this, my trainer tells me, even if she barks, but I'd rather she didn't. Again, it sounds like her "I want attention/treats" barking.

I can't practise this at home as she doesn't bark at me generally – only at these training sessions. I live alone. I'm going to try to practice with a friend and her dog (the four of us together) but my dog generally stays quiet then as well…

So does anyone have any tips?

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