How to stop 9 month old puppy from barking when she hears other dogs barking outside?

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My 9 month old puppy has developed this habit within the last 4 or 5 months. One day she discovered that she can bark- and very loudly at that. She won't usually bark at nothing. There's always some kind of stimuli that triggers the barking.

I'm typing this at 3 A.M. because my neighbor's Mastiff started barking loudly which triggered my pup to start howling and barking.

There have also been times when my other neighbor across the street let his German Shepherd sleep outside and then he started barking, so then my pup of course starts barking.

These are habits that happen a few times a month, sometimes more often.

She will bark at stimuli during the day even when she's tired and worn out from play. It's almost like she feels like she MUST always bark back at other dogs, like it's her duty.

This becomes a problem at night when I am trying to get rest for school and work.

I don't know what to do. I have already tried:

-Wearing her out before bed

-Saying no, waiting for her to get quiet and then giving her a treat.

-Ignoring the barking

-Just waiting for her to get quiet on her own and then giving her a treat

-Acknowledging her when she barks, checking out what she is barking at

These do nothing to stop her from barking when she hears other dogs bark outside. When I try to train her out of this behavior it's like it's nothing but a suggestion to her. She likes the treats but she seems to like barking more.

I really do not know how to tackle this problem. I'm probably just going to take her to a trainer. I don't know what else to do.

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