How to stop 6 1/2 week old puppy from biting? Crying out doesn’t deter him?

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Two weeks ago, my gf's relatives received two puppies on their porch, abandoned by someone. They gave them to my gf's family, and we've been taking care of them. My gf's sister adopted one of them, and we have the other.

His name is Rocky. We're not entirely sure on his age, but he has pretty much all of his baby teeth now and eats puppy food with no problems. We're doing everything we're able to train him in a loving, gentle way. We adore him!

However, we've been trying to train him not to bite hard (We did some research and learned that they shouldn't learn not to bite all together, but instead that we should focus on the pressure he's biting us with right now? And also that we should avoid redirecting him to a toy because he won't learn to control his jaw pressure when he bites?) and it's not working. We cry out, and try to let him pull away when we do, but it just makes him want to bite us more. When we do pull away, he gets even more playful!

What can we do? We haven't been at it very long, we started about a week ago, but we aren't certain how to proceed without confusing him or never seeing results. When he does that, do we just put him in time out and try to reengage play when he's calmed down?

Any advice helps! TIA 🙂

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