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We got our puppy Richie( Border Collie, Blue Heeler, Jack Russell mix) 2 months ago, he was 5 months at the time. He came from a shelter but was with a foster mom, along with his brother and a husky. Right now its July 4th, and he's scared of fireworks, but we cant seem to get him to come to us anymore, even when there werent fireworks.

We think it started by giving him baths and saying "its okay." while giving him a bath or trying to get him in the tub. He had ringworm so we had to give him long baths, for the medicine in the shampoo to work, every 3 days until it didnt come back. We ended up giving him a bath 4 or 5 times within a months time. Now, whenever we say "its okay" he bows his head like he's more scared now.

We trained him really well the first month and hes the best doggy ever. Hes able to roam our 2 acre property on his own without a fence and listens to commands really well, except when we try to calm him after being scared- like fireworks. Whenever we tell him to come to us he again bows his head but walks away from us. We are really unsure of how to regain his trust.

If anyone can give us any insight or advice it would be appreciated.

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