How to reduce crate boredom?

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We got an iso pup at about 9 weeks of age but are trying our hardest to get him into a routine that sets him up for being ok when we do go back to work. He's currently 4 months old, very food driven and easy to train pup (except for on walks when he is super distracted). He is crate trained I would say, he sleeps in there and we put him in there for the mornings and afternoons while we are working. He has a big exercise/play/training session 3 times a day (morning, lunchtime, and evening). When he does go into his crate, he's not the happiest (after he's finished his treat, usually a kong with peanut butter or a carrot) but often he will go to sleep. Only problem is he only sleeps for about 1.5 hours at a time, sometimes 2. When he wakes up he starts whining and then crying. We try to ignore him but it seems like he is really bored and I wondered if this is just a normal process or should we be doing more to make sure he is entertained in there? He has a water bowl and a toy or two but he gets very antsy and doesn't really play with them. It's hard to think of leaving him in there for 4 hours at a time when we go back to work. How do others do this?

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