How to properly crate train and allow free roaming time?

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Hello all, my partner and I just adopted an 8 week old Shiba pup last week. His crate should be arriving via amazon in a couple days. How much roaming time should I allow our puppy versus the crate? We currently have him separated into our hallway via baby gates. Our apartment is a studio in the downtown core of Toronto so space is limited as is instant access to our neighbourhood park (only a 4 minute walk away though). Thankfully we've had no issues with excessive whining/barking, he only poops outside in the park now, and he just pees on the pee pads every so often. But we read online that crate training is vital for house training so we're going to go with that route.

Would really appreciate advice as to how to go about crate training and how much time we should allocate for supervised free roaming time. My partner and I are both unfamiliar with crate training as it's something both of our families did not do with our dogs. Thanks!

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