How to make puppy practice being by herself if she’s not very food interested?

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Hi, I have a 9 week old chihuahua puppy and she gets extremely distressed when I leave the room for even a few seconds.

I’m trying to teach her that being alone means getting treats, and mini-Kongs to play with but she has never been extremely interested in food. She is barely interested in the raw food the breeder gave me, and it took me a few days to get her to eat a lot of her main meal.

Today I left her in her playpen with her breakfast and tried to sneak away. She ate for a few seconds and then immediately abandoned her breakfast to kind of seek me out, (although she wasn’t crying yet, started pacing to find me. But it’s taken all week for her to eat by herself from a bowl and not be spoon fed so I didn’t want to ruin that progress.)

I have even been encouraging her to learn to love to chew with plenty of chew toys, covered in bacon paste and fillings. She bites them for a few min but is ultimately uninterested.

She LOVES playing, and most of her basic training involves me giving her play rewards which has been working well.

But I just don’t have any ideas of training her to enjoy being by herself if she won’t take any chew toys, rawhide, or even her main meal!

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