How to help timid puppy?

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Hi all. My boyfriend and I are adopting our very first puppy next week and we are super excited! He is about 3 months old lab mixed with shepherd (they think). We went to the shelter to pick one out and fell in love with him even though he just hid under the chair the whole time lol. He’s adorable and when you hold him he’s very content and calm. It seems like he enjoys to be pet. His shyness made me feel like we are meant to give him a good home. He was so timid and hid under the chair the whole time and if you let him go after picking him up he would go right back under there. He didn’t whine or show any signs of aggression but he was avoiding and shaking a bit. It does make me worried because I don’t want his fear and shyness to develop into aggression or not being friendly in the future. I want a calm dog but I also want them to be friendly and not aggressive. What can I do to train him? Could it be that his personality will change once he leaves the shelter? His siblings who we also met were very friendly and hyper like a typical puppy, but ours was just so anxious and shy. Any advice would be appreciated!

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