How to get your dog to sleep freely in the room rather than a crate.

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Our boy is 23 weeks old and has been sleeping in his pen at night he doesn’t really like to as he still cries for a minute or two.

We’ve always wanted to be able to leave him to sleep freely in the living room which is where his pen is.

Last night he was asleep on the floor and didn’t wake up when we went to bed so we left him to sleep. He was asleep for a couple of hours but then woke up crying and barking. He didn’t need the toilet.

How can we train him to sleep freely? If we’re in the room with him he has no issues. He seems to like sleeping like that in the day, seeing as he’s not a fan of his pen we thought he’d much prefer this.

Any advice and tips greatly appreciated and hopefully this makes sense 🙂

He is a golden retriever if that makes a difference.

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