How to get puppy to whine when needs to go out?

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I'm sure this has been posted multiple times, but I need some help getting my puppy to whine when he needs to go. He is a 4 month old toy poodle mix. He is good in his crate (doesn't cry, sleeps in there, no accidents) and I try to take him out every hour or so to go potty. He goes potty outside when I take him.

The problem is when he is not in his crate and playing around the house. I usually let him out of his crate after my work hours so he can play. He has frequent accidents when he is playing inside and doesn't whine when he needs to go. I think he knows it's bad because when he sees me coming mid-stream he will stop and run away. When I catch him mid-stream, I carry him outside to finish and praise when he does go outside. He is still frequently going inside though.

He is really small (5 pounds) and can't seem to hold it for more than 2 hours right now unless it is during the night and he is sleeping (small bladder?) Is keeping him in the crate all day until he whines the best way to go about this? Should I stop taking him every hour and just wait until he whines? Thanks.

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