How to get puppy to stop barking when left alone

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I have a three month old Beagle/Boxer mix who hates being left alone. I can’t even leave the room or be on the other side of a gate, let alone leave the house, without him barking. This is normal, right? How long did it take for your dog to stop barking when you leave?

He is crated when we leave, but it’s not like he hates the crate. I feed him in it, put his favorite toys inside, and even do some training, like I’ll reward him if he goes inside, if he’s quiet every few seconds with the door closed, and if he’s quiet when I back away and go out of sight. So he doesn’t hate the crate because sometimes he’ll run inside with a favorite toy or sleep in it if I’m not giving him attention. (He is a huge lapdog and I don’t like having him on me constantly, especially when I’m on the computer. Space is good, I want him to know his crate is his space).

What are some tips? I’m hoping he’ll grow out of this and not have separation anxiety when older. And I’m mostly concerned because I live in a townhouse so I’m sure the neighbors can hear the barking.

I think I’ve also noticed that for shorter amounts of time being alone, he’s barking, but after an hour or so I’ve come home to him not barking. Not completely sure though. I guess I’d know if I had a cam.

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