How to get my dog to not be a bed hog

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I have a medium sized three year old mix, who is the sweetest boy you could ever meet and loves to snuggle. Before covid he was the best to sleep with because he would just curl up in the corner at the end of the bed, even if my boyfriend was here. However, during covid I was isolated away from my boyfriend and created a bad habit. I let the dog have half my bed every night and even let him snuggle sometimes. Now that my boyfriend is allowed back to my house and is here a couple nights a week, we have a bit of a problem. When he is here, my dog likes to lay in the middle of the bed or beside one of us and take up a ton of space and it makes it difficult for me to sleep ( my boyfriend sleeps like a rock). I don’t want to kick him out of my bed completely, is there a way to train him to stop being such a bed hog?

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