How to get dog to stop barking

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Let me elaborate since it’s not just any ole barking. My dog is a 6 yr old male Aussie Shepherd. He used to be better behaved when he was young but it’s gotten to the point that I’m getting fed up with his behavior. When I attempt to have him do tricks he becomes extremely yappy and fed up with it, sometimes he nips. One of the worst things is the agility weave. When ever I try and guide him through he gets riled up and a lot of times he will try and hump me (sounds embarrassing but it is a huge problem). During car rides he will bark like crazy before we even leave the driveway, when we are actually driving it’s a constant bark bark bark bark on and on nothing will get him to stop! If a person or dog walks by our house he will bark and growl. Lastly on walks he gets way too excited and will whine and bark while we actually walk, and when he sees another dog he gets a little aggressive and protective over me for all the wrong reasons. Please any tips on how to curve this behavior will be greatly appreciated!

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