How to get a large puppy acclimated to behaving around small dog without traumatizing small dog in the process?

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My partner and I just got an 8 week-old (now coming on 10 weeks) Australian cattle dog puppy and we're going through all of the expected puppy troubles. He's adorable but he's also an little gremlin, as I would imagine most puppies are this age.

We have an older nearly-toothless chihuahua who is an absolute sweetheart and who's lived with multiple big dogs in her life without issue, including living with a golden retriever puppy for over a year.

We've been researching puppies for almost a year now and we tried to make a choice of puppies with her safety and comfort in mind as much as our own. So, we made a conscious decision to buy puppy from a reputable breeder so that we would be there during puppy's formative years and get him used to living (and playing) with a small dog. We have experience with an ACD mix and this puppy is unfortunately not responding at all to training like our previous dogs.

We're currently working on biting and roughhousing with limited success so far (he seems to "sundown" around 5pm on the dot for some reason). I don't mind getting puncture wounds and puppy dewclaw scratches in me as he learns bite inhibition and to not jump on people… However, he made the wrong first (well, first 10 or so) impressions on our little dog and now she is terrified of him and tries to gum him to death whenever he comes near her.

Even after he started to modestly improve behavior, she is still terrified and doesnt want to let him anywhere near her even when he's being "good."

I can't even blame her as he is unpredictable and still continues to nip at her heels, jump on her (he already weighs 15lbs and she's 5lbs) and ocassionally lunge for her to bite hard. I can't predict when he will try to bite her as even when he appears calm, half the time he will slowly and casually walk up to her just to suddenly lunge and chomp.

My heart is breaking for my terrified little one as she is terrified and I'm frustrated for the puppy because I don't want to teach him that it's not okay to play with other dogs. But, I can't leave him alone with our chihuahua and sacrifice her safety for the sake of her "teaching" him appropriate dog-dog behavior.

Furthermore, even on the occasions where she did try to "tell him off", that seemed to only make him more excited and aggressive with his biting/jumping.

I'm at a loss as to what to do given the size and communication discrepancies and I've never run into this problem before. We are desperate for advice and any ideas would be greatly appreciated!

If it's any help, we have been basically following the Sympawtico youtube method of training as he's made the most sense to us.

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