How to entertain/train a dog that gets bored or uninterested easily..?

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My dog is a SD, He has all the necessary training and task training and LOVES to work. however ive been gone for about 3 months (living situations) so now hes back with me. I try to entertain, exercise (especially mentally), and train but its hard. he gets so bored and uninterested very fast. i try to make things very good and party!! i use toys and treats and high value treats. i try to get him into a kong and he doesnt even care about it. if i try to use non high reward treats, he is very disinterested fast. if i use high reward, he was TOO excited and barks and doesnt even listen to the command im giving him, because hes too excited. and then we work on it for a few minutes (prib like 3-5 min) and he already gets disinterested in that too. he has alot of toys that he LOVES but again, after a few minutes, not interested or not interested in the start at times. im really at a loss because he use to have better drive and now its just, not there. i dont do long sessions nor do i do it so much where hes burnt out. he hasnt worked in three months. he needs stimulation and such and him being so uninterested really isnt helping… again, dont get me wrong-he loves tasking and his obedience is amazing out in public. but training him new things or like ?? just getting him to do stuff at home to entertain himself and train new things is hard for some reason right now. any tips would be highly appreciative. he is a 2 and a half year old german shepherd/chessie mix. thank you!

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