How to curtail jumping during play that turns to hard mouthing/biting?

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Hi all! My family of four (two parents, a 21yr old and 26yr old [me]) adopted a 9 month old beagle/hound mix 12 days ago. I know we’re still in the “2 week shutdown” or the rules of 3, 3 week wait, but I want to start figuring out what my resources are.

He was a stray from Alabama that was brought to Wisconsin in January. He went to a foster home in February and we picked him up 12 days ago. So at 9 months, he’s really only had about 2.5 months of trainable time.

He’s a very sweet dog, but he gets distracted easily and doesn’t listen until we’re doing dedicated training time. Once he’s playing or not paying attention, getting him to listen to a command is a pain.

He’s potty trained, understands sit, says for a bit and sometimes responds to his name, but otherwise we’re working with a blank slate.

The biggest problem that we need to fix is his bite inhibition and strength of his bite. Once he gets into the mode of playing he bites and doesn’t let go. He hasn’t broken skin, but he’s left bruises and definitely bitten pretty painfully. He is a very nose first jumper. So if we’re sitting down, he’ll come at us nose first and then start to mouth and eventually bite. Mainly, he’s bites at my dad’s ears and wrists. But once he gets really excited, he can sometimes come at the face.

It doesn’t come across as aggressive, but it happens so fast that it’s hard to fully pay attention to his facial features. I haven’t noticed him bare his teeth and attack, it just seems playful.

So after explaining that, here’s my question. What do we do? A lot of what I’ve read online talks more about young puppies than 9+ month old puppies. We obviously can’t get him into any classes, and having a stranger come to our house right now is out of the question.

What resources should I be leaning on? And are there commands he should know ASAP before we even can hope he’ll calm down with the biting?

We don’t want to curb his playfulness, but we also don’t want to be bit. Thank you for reading this and helping.

If I didn’t explain well or you think more information is helpful, I’ll share anything. We love this crazy dude and just want him to be safe and to play safely!


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