How to curb play biting in adult dogs?

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Hey everyone – I recently (last week) adopted a very sweet hound mix, probably about three years old. He was a stray for a long time, covered in ticks and bites and heartworm positive when they found him. He’s housebroken and leash trained, and very good with dogs and people. The only thing is that when he’s really happy he starts to play bite. I’m fairly certain it’s playbiting because it only happens when he’s on his back with his stomach exposed. I’ve been leaving the room, or trying to give him a toy instead, and he doesn’t follow me and calms down after a bit. The other day I didn’t move fast enough and he bruised me, and I got kind of freaked out. The vet says that I need to see a Behaviorist because this kind of thing is uncommon in adult dogs, but it’s been really hard to find one during COVID, understandably. How can I curve this adult playbiting behavior in the meantime? Thank you!!!

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