How to control play nipping (2 year old GSD)

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I hope all of you are doing well I have a 2 year old german shepherd, we go him when he was a little puppy. He has very poor social skills and is moderately trained, but not as much as i’d want him to be. He mostly spends his time in the backyard as he is not allowed to enter the house (i really wish i could let him but my mom is very against it). The biggest issues I have with him is his nipping and his relentless barking at strangers and stray dogs. I have tried my best to use only positive reinforcement training with him and for the most part it has done wonders. I was unable to guide him through his early socialization phase when he was a puppy (I got gone from college when he was 8 months old). His nipping was unbearable then, it has gotten a little better since then though. For a small period of time he completely stopped nipping when i started to not react to him when he was nipping (doing that was pretty difficult especially cause of his adult teeth). He’s never really broken skin when he nips but it’s still very annoying and uncomfortable. Recently, i’ve started to teach him the word “No” and when we he nips i just end up leaving the backyard and come back after a minute or two. I’ve repeated that behavior a couple of times and it seems to work when he’s not really that excited. But just right now, he started jumping and nipping at me, after he got really excited, i had no proper way to respond to that so i had react and that encouraged him even further. To stop him from nipping i try grabbing his collar, but that excites him even further because he thinks that we’re playing. So, my question here is how do i respond to his nipping when I’m in the middle of the backyard and can’t retreat indoors without him relentlessly nipping and jumping at me? also, how do i substitute this behavior with something positive? To put it into perspective, we were just doing playing when he started jumping and nipping Moreover, i have no physical access to a proper dog behaviorist, because of where I live.

I know I have a long way to go with his training, but i feel like i’ve made some progress already (which makes me very optimistic)

TLDR: 2 year GSD starts jumping and nipping when he’s super excited. I don’t know how to properly respond to his behavior. Just wanted to know how I can modify it into something positive.

He is also quite reactive towards strangers and in new situations, but that’s a story for another post.

Would Really appreciate your help,

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