How should a mom sleep with her litter?

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Hi y’all, I’m just wondering what are positions puppies are allowed to sleep with their mom? My dog just had her puppies this Monday and although her maternal instincts are kicking in, I’m having a problem with her accidentally sitting/laying on the puppies as well as kicking them as she’s on her out of the playpen they’re in. She’s not rejecting them nor have any of the 8 puppies died (they’ve haven’t been left alone for more than 10 mins during the day then checking in on them every hour at night).

I’m trying to show her to be careful and it looks like she’s learning when it comes to kicking/stepping on them by mistake, but the puppies love the warmth and she wants to be close to her pups so I just wanna know what are okay ways for them to sleep together?

They seem to like going under her neck/snout along with being behind her. If they get the chance, they also want to be under her.

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