How much exercise and what counts as exercise for 14 week old Lab?

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So we are getting close to my guy being able to go out for walks in public, and I miss my daily walks so I’m looking forward to that day. I know the rule of the thumb is 5 mins * age in months twice per day, but does that include just formal, on-leash type walks? Or would it include tug, fetch (on hardwood floors), general chasing me around the house, etc? Because he’s still going to get 45 min pet sitting visits twice a day, and they usually try to get him to play while they’re here.

My first Lab ended up with dysplasia despite his line being clear for it, and Crosby enjoys doing all the things he’s technically not supposed to do, so I’m trying to be hyper vigilant, but I also want him to get comfortable with leash walking since that’s an important part of my day, and I’d like him to be able to join me.

And if anyone has ever had a rough and tumble Lab puppy, you know trying to keep them from hurting themselves and play nicely when they really get going is next to impossible. My guy has now decided launching himself and attempting to Superman onto my sofa is great fun this weekend… 🙄🤦🏻‍♀️

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