How long should my puppy be in his playpen per day?

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About a week and a half ago, I adopted the cutest terrier/poodle mix. He's 11 weeks old. I have a crate for him next to our bed where he sleeps at night, and I keep him downstairs with me during the day. I work from home, however, I can't watch him all the time because I need to focus and can't put all of my attention on him. I spend anywhere between 1-2 hours playing with and training him a day so far. I take him out frequently to take bathroom breaks when he's not sleeping.

I guess my question is, how long should I be putting him in his playpen for? I feel bad having him in there for hours. I was keeping him on the couch with me before and I would just work on the couch, but I know that he has to learn how to be alone as well because I won't always be home, so I started putting him in his playpen. He does really well in there, he just lays on his dog bed and either sleeps, chews on a toy/bone, or sits there quietly.

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