How do you train a dog to stop playing rough, or to listen to commands in the middle of play?

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It's been about 6 months I adopted this dog, which is a large (>70 lbs) mixed breed. He is about 3 years old, energetic, and loves running. Even though I walk him once a day, I also try to take him to the dog park so he can run freely during early hours to avoid crowd. When there are other dogs around, he does okay… maybe 70% of the time. He leaves alone small dogs, thank goodness. But a couple times now, what seemed like a fun play turns into him relentlessly chasing the other dog who starts barking or yelping. He's too fast for me to grab him of course, and he completely ignores my command.

Is there any hope for my dog to play nice 100 % of the time, or am I doomed to be a pariah in the dog park? I know how important training is. We've gone through an obedience class. He's very good with commands including "come" when at home and during casual walks. But just how do I train him so that he will listen to me when he's in the middle of a chase?

Would appreciate any tips. Thanks!

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