How do I train a dog that’s both incredibly fearful and stubborn?

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I recently adopted a dog from a local shelter. All I know about his past is that he was removed from a very bad home, was starving, has no training, not even potty training. We’re assuming based off of how he reacts to certain movements, actions, noises etc, that he was probably abused and neglected. He is a very sweet dog, he is very loving and affectionate but he doesn’t want to listen to anything. I understand that whatever home he came from didn’t teach him anything, so he’s lived his whole life doing what he wants. I know that’s going to take a while to work on. But I’ve never met a dog that had no interest in even trying to learn. It doesn’t matter what I’m giving him, food, treats, toys, affection, if he has to work for it he won’t do it. I can’t find anything to motivate him to work. If he can’t just have it he doesn’t want it. I tried to get him to sit for his food this morning and because he couldn’t just have it he’s refused to eat it at all. It’s been sitting out for hours and he just doesn’t want it because he couldn’t just have it immediately. The biggest issue is going to bed. Let me start by saying he is fine once he’s in bed. He cuddles, gives kisses, gets belly rubs, is relaxed and falls asleep on me. But going to bed is a nightmare. He refuses to get up off the couch. I try to give him affection, treats, toys, to motivate him to come with me upstairs. He just gets up and walks further away and lays back down and tries to go back to sleep. If you try to pick him up to carry him upstairs he pees instantly. I have no idea what I’m supposed to do. I know he needs to feel comfortable here, but i don’t know how I’m supposed to get him upstairs without scaring him. Everything I’ve tried fails and I’m just at such a loss.

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