How do I stop my otherwise very well behaved dog from sobbing when I’m getting ready to take him for his walk? Doesn’t matter if the 1st is 5am or 11am, as soon as he realises we’re going he begins crying as he can’t handle waiting.

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It's exhausting to begin every day like that. The same for his evening walk, and omg it's like the world is ending if I dare go to the toilet before taking him out.. if he doesn't notice I'm getting ready to go then there's no problem.

I've had the most success by sending him away from me if he begins crying, but not great success. Telling him off doesn't really work and is exhausting. Giving treats has moderate success but I have to remind him over and over again that he'll get a treat if he does good waiting and no complaining. I'm trying to teach him that waiting is easier when he sits, but very little progress.

I think he really struggles with patience as he was the same even as a pup in a carrier. Absolutely fine but if I stopped walking for 20secs he'd begin crying.

Also he never had the patience for cuddles unless he was half asleep. He clearly enjoyed the interaction for about 2secs then wants to move, although he's chosen to become much more cuddly recently so possibly his patience is improving.

1yr old Borgi

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