How do I stop my dog from whining so much?

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Hello everybody, I have a 10 month old lab/pitbull mix. He is actually a very well behaved pup, listens to commands, etc. But for some reason he whines constantly. From what I can tell, he whines when he’s happy, sad, playful… no matter what we are doing. For example, he will sit at the back door and whine, I will then let him outside and he will look inside and whine to come back in immediately. I will even try to let him run around the orchard but he just sits there and whines right next to me while I’m doing chores. Really the only time he isn’t whining/whining less is when he gets 100% of my attention. Does anyone know why or have any tips to train this out? I’m not sure if I’m doing something wrong or if it’s just an issue that I have to work on with him.

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