How do I move on to leash walking 201 and 301?

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I adopted my sweet mutt from the shelter exactly 3 months ago. She's a young adult, I'm guessing 2, maybe 3 yrs old. She was a stray, though she was potty trained so may have had a home once, but also didn't know any obedience. She's super smart and overall a very good dog.

My biggest challenge with her has been leash walking. I take treats on every walk and use the clicker as well for more difficult times or when I want to do some extra focused training (the clicker was a game changer for leash walking!). At first I felt like nothing was helping, but now she can walk nicely on a loose leash around the neighborhood. I'm incredibly proud! I had to expand our walking area very slowly. Every time I took her on a new street, she would turn into a crazy dog.

I still can't take her anywhere fun or totally new, she goes crazy bouncing to the end of the leash repeatedly and pulling ahead with all her strength. I can only get her to walk nicely if we walk back towards where we came from, or after about half an hour of craziness. I take higher value treats when we go somewhere new, hot dogs and chicken.

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Here's a video of her walking nicely. She could walk this well 1.5 months ago. I had been giving her treats on this walk, otherwise she doesn't check in with me this much, but still doesn't pull. How can I get this when we go somewhere new?

Am I on the right track? If she can walk nicely in familiar areas, will she eventually be able to focus in new places too? Is there anything specific I can do to manage her in new and exciting places? I don't want to reinforce the pulling, but sometimes I just need to go somewhere with her and don't have a choice. I try to do as much training as I can in those situations too. How can I get to leash walking 201?

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