How do I keep a formerly outdoor dog happy on walks?

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My dog is a bluetick coonhound that was kept exclusively outdoors until he was brought to the shelter, and I think he was trained as a hunting dog. He's very sweet and gentle but goes crazy once we're outside – every time we see a deer, he just loses his mind and runs after it, and it takes me a long time to call him back (once, it took over an hour). He is very attached to me and I don't think he would intentionally run away; I actually think that he is doing what he was trained at his previous home. I have to keep him on a leash now because of this, but he has that natural urge to follow trails and sniff everything and explore the whole forest, and I want him to be able to have fun when we go on walks. Is it possible to untrain him in the hunting habits, and how can I make sure he stays close when we're on walks? He's 3 btw and I've had him for about 2 months

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