How do I help my dogs as I return to work after maternity leave?

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I have 2 pups; they are 2 year old Pomeranian /Chihuahua mixes. My family has been quarantined together since mid March & then I gave birth, so we have been home all together constantly for the past 3+ months. NOW when my husband and I leave the house the dogs are upset the whole time one of us is gone.. whining, crying, pacing the house and watching the door we left out of. (I know this because we rarely both leave together, the newbie doesn’t leave the home much) Is there a way to provide comfort for them? They are crate trained so if we both aren’t home they will be contained, but I want them to feel better. Help?

Edit: I return to work next week & typically I work 50 hr weeks.. so I worry about them relaxing as I’m gone most of the day

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