How did you train your puppy to let you sleep-in in the morning (crate training)?

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Our 5 month old cavoodle is crate trained at night, and in a play pen during the day. When he goes into his crate, he’ll straight away go to sleep, no hassle.

The thing is, he is a morning pooper, he always has been since we got him at 8weeks. He’ll do two poops a day, one before breakfast (breakfast anywhere between 7-8AM depending on work) and his last poop on his evening walk the night before prior to dinner (7PM), and he will start crying and whining to poop at about 5.30AM every morning.

We have tried keeping him in his crate to hold on, but he will legitimately cry for an hour until you have to rush him outside so he doesn’t poo on the carpet as soon as his crate door opens! But as soon as he poops he is so full of energy bouncing off the walls that it is near impossible to get him back in his crate for us to go back to sleep (also, now we are completely awake… so can’t really go back to sleep even if we tried, anyway).

Is there anyway to finally have a sleep in or are we doomed to never be able to sleep in because our pups a morning pooper? 🙁

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