How did you manage barking?

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For those of you that have barkers, what method worked best for you guys in managing this behavior and when did you begin to see improvement? My dog is still a young pup at almost 4 months, so I’m hoping it’s something she’ll begin to grow out of, but boy is she vocal. She barks when she’s frustrated, playing, left alone, excited, near other dogs, you name it. I’ve done my absolute best to ignore it when it happens as to not give any reinforcement, but sometimes I just can’t ignore it when she’s barking while roommates are sleeping or it’s a public place. She gets plenty of exercise, so I know that isn’t the issue!

A lot of sources online suggest that you teach them the bark command and then the quiet command. Has that reliably worked for anyone here? I would love to hear any suggestions that you might have!

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